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 Something Old....SomethingNew..

Our philosophy is based on the old catch phrase, 'waste not, want not'-

something my own nan used to say often, & so it stuck!

Quite simply... we repurpose and recycle as much as we can in both our accessory creations & HOBBITS @ HOME so we can be as waste free and sustainable as we can


We select luxury pre loved fabrics, beads, lace, jewellery silk and pearls & rework these into something to be re loved !

Our customers are always looking for ways  to put a unique stamp on their wedding day or special party & by nature all the materials we use are quite definitely UNIQUE .We are also increasingly aware of people wanting to be more considered with their spending choices, and looking for more sustainable options, keepsakes and everlasting items.

  •  ​Being unique does not have to mean investing heavily in expensive branded items in order to get exclusivity! 

  • We believe uniqueness can also be created without an inescapably heavy impact on our environment and you can combine ethics & glamour!!


  • We are continunously looking to source as much original luxury material as possible.#reuserepurposerecycle

  • We do use a small % of new materials ( to ensure we can give your piece the perfect finish & durability) but are constantly looking to improve all the time! 

  • We choose recycled packaging materials whenever we can. (Our current stock of tissue is actually VINTAGE from when my Mum worked for a paper mill in the 50's YES... she kept it all that time!)

  • If we can source locally we will!

The up cycling/reworked process means you will always have something special & unique with provenance & a story.

We do repeat 'styles' but obviously by nature, as supplies of most materials are limited, there are always individual variations which we feel just adds to the character and authenticity of your accessory.



Nothing much goes to waste here at the Hobbit House !

  sustainability by design...planet friendly... 0% what we really LOVE & STRIVE FOR! 



The ultimate icing on our cake is the ' Heirloom service' where we incorporate precious sentimental details of YOUR OWN into whatever you are having made! This is a very special process that often brings a little tear, as we are using something preloved by you & your family, creating an heirloom that will go on to be loved and cherished for many more generations.

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