'Shoot day'

The gorgeous Hannah modelling for me with my V&A millinery pieces.

Hello there!

I'm Alison,

 Hobbits Vintage Creations is ME .. designing and creating accessories in a small home studio in Shropshire.

Hobbits began in 2011 as a result of a rather varied career in many aspects of art & design.

I always had a passion for accessories of all kinds, from a simple silk scarf to a classic vintage purse and wearing these pieces as part of an insatiable desire to connect past and present. 

The other key aspect to my story is my ongoing  passion to avoid waste and find another use for beautiful things that I am loathed to see thrown away.. ( I am the original Womble!!!)  hence all Hobbits products are constructed by upcycling  & repurposing carefully selected materials...

(read about  Our Philosophy )


        became the name that just captured everything !!

Vintage means lots of things to lots of people- but for 'Hobbits Vintage' it means  original, vintage design inspiration & repurposed original silks, lace and pieces of jewellery.   Each piece is inspired by authentic styles with a special twist of my own.

 Products are either 'made to order' or 'ready to wear' and are not only LOVED by brides, bridesmaids, grooms and families but by all those discerning accessory junkies like myself looking for something unique to enhance a party outfit, baby portrait, trip to the races, proms or birthdays.

I often ponder over the life history behind my materials, every piece has its own story that makes it unique. 

Carefully selected fabrics, colours & accents, authentic embellishments & original vintage jewellery all combine together in my creations  to produce a beautiful heirloom for you to add your own authentic story. 

 (You can also send us your own sentimental bits of fabrics and jewellery and we will work these lovingly into anything you choose!)

                         -All things are possible!-


It is a joy to create pieces for those of you who are truly looking for individual designs with that extra special touch, and of course, using materials that are gentle on our lovely planet,!

                Looking forward to creating for you

                                        Alison x

                     View some of our stories Here. 

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